Introductory Project

To introduce you to our Bluebeam Measurement Service and give us a chance to work together, we will give you 4 hours of free measurement time for your first project. It may well mean that your whole job is measured for free.

Do not be embarrassed to use this offer because we know that once you get to know us a little, you will feel happier to trust us with your work.

Ad Hoc Services

For occasional measurement services, once or twice a year, we make a charge of £20.00 an hour.

There is no contract and most clients start out this way, especially new Bluebeam users.

We send out our invoices at the end of the month for the work we have carried out during that month, and we ask for payment within 5 weeks by bank transfer.

We can estimate how long a project will take us to measure and our charges will not exceed the estimate.

Monthly Account

If you feel you could use our services a few times over the course of the year, you can set up a direct debit for as little as 2 hours a month at a rate of £18.00 per hour.

You will receive a monthly statement to show how many hours have been used to date. No refund will be given if the hours are not used, but they can be accumulated over time to use against a large project.

If more hours are needed, up to 2 months hours in advance can be used without additional payment being requested. If the number of hours worked exceeds three month’s direct debit payments, then additional time will be added to that month’s invoice requesting an increased payment. This arrangement sounds a little complicated but works very well in practice.

There is no minimum contract time and the direct debit can be cancelled at any time. Any unused credit will not be lost but can be carried forward on our books to be used up when a suitable project comes in.

Best Value Monthly Account

If you feel that you will be able to use our services for 8 hours a month or more, you can set up a direct debit at the rate of £16.00 per hour, £128.00 per month. This is not unusual as we have one client that we work for one day (7 hours) every week. This rate is very cost effective for quantity surveying services.

The account runs in the same way as the “Monthly Accounts” section above but with additional cost savings.

Although monthly account clients do have priority when we take on work, there are sensible limits to our capacity too. Urgent work can sometimes be declined if we cannot meet the deadline suggested, although we will always do our best to help.

However, once we take work on with an agreed deadline, we always aim to meet that deadline whether you have an Ad Hoc project or a Monthly Account.