Specialising in Measurement

At Crofton Measurement Service we provide assistance to Estimators and Quantity Surveyors by preparing most of the dimensions needed to produce an Estimate, Cost Plan or Bill of Quantities, leaving you more time for costing and project management.

Drawings are sent to us by email, Drop-Box or memory stick. Once received, using Bluebeam Revu software, we calibrate, copy, measure, colour code, label and return the measured drawings to you, ready for you to input the totals for each element into your pricing document.

Each element is labelled to correspond with the NBS reference or drawing key, so when you receive your measured drawings you can see clearly how the totals have been reached. We are familiar with the requirements of NRM1, NRM2 and SMM7.

Whether we work for an hour on a residential property extension or for a few days on a large scheme, we hope you find our realistic fees of £16 an hour cost effective.

Why Use Crofton?

  • While you are completing the pricing and documentation for your current project, we can be preparing the measurement for the next one
  • Cost-effective, accurate measurement for larger projects
  • No more evenings and weekends spent measuring
  • Cover for staff holidays and sickness
  • We respect our Client’s right to confidentiality

Measurement Software

We have been using Bluebeam Revu software for over 12 years now and have found it to be an accurate, easy to use and relatively inexpensive take-off package which is perfect for quantity surveying and estimating.

We recommend having at least one computer in the office with Bluebeam if you would like to use our services. A basic Bluebeam Revu package can be purchased for around £250 plus VAT. If required, we are happy to recommend a supplier and can help you to set it up and learn how to use it in just a couple of hours.

Your Project

  • Please contact us with brief details of your project
  • We will confirm that we can meet your deadlines and agree a return date
  • Send your drawings to us with details of which elements you would like to be measured
  • We will confirm the number of drawings received and may contact you to clarify any queries
  • We will return your work, with a list of any assumptions we have made

About Us

Working from Client’s offices and home offices in Hampshire, but mainly online for companies throughout the UK and Channel Islands, we aim to provide a seamless service to suit your company’s arrangements. We will not discuss your work with any other business and we are honest and reliable, keeping to our deadlines and not making promises we cannot keep.

Quantity Surveyors are in short supply and we have been able to assist our Clients to achieve their deadlines and reduce the need for additional permanent staff.

Whatever happens with Brexit, we look forward to working with you in 2019 and wish you a successful year.

Christine Durrant